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Welcome to "Instudio Recordings," a cutting-edge music label founded in 2010 by the talented visionaries, Numa Lesage & Mlle Eva from France, Numa landed in the vibrant heart of London. Since the last 3 years, the label has been under the joint ownership of Numa Lesage & The Frenchies (Chris Garcia and Flowfly). With their combined expertise and passion for music, "Instudio Recordings" has reached new heights of success and creativity.

We pride ourselves on being a home for House Music and Tech House enthusiasts, producing tracks that ignite the dance floors and elevate the global music scene. With over 100 mesmerising tracks released, we've crafted our musical journey with sheer passion and dedication. Our team lives and breathes music, and that reflects in every beat, melody, and rhythm we create.

We believe that music is the universal language that connects souls from every corner of the world, and that's the driving force behind everything we do at "Instudio Recordings." Our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Our tunes have caught the ears of the world's most renowned DJs, who generously support and play our music in the hottest clubs and festivals.

"We are not just confined to one place; 'Instudio Recordings' has its wings spread across two continents. With one part of the crew in the heart of London and the second one in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, our label embodies the spirit of international collaboration and creativity."

"At Instudio Recordings, we thrive on diversity. We proudly embrace talent from every corner of the globe, and our roster of artists reflects that. We sign passionate and innovative musicians who bring their unique flair to the table, creating a harmonious symphony of creativity and talent."

Our label is more than just a label for music; it's a community of like-minded individuals who share an unbreakable bond with rhythm and sound. Whether you're a music producer looking for a Label to showcase your talent or a music enthusiast seeking fresh and electrifying beats, "Instudio Recordings" is where you belong.

So, join us on this exhilarating musical journey as we continue to shape the future of House Music and Tech House. Together, we'll keep the dance floors alive, hearts pounding, and spirits soaring, as we unite the world through the language of music.
Welcome to the soulful universe of "Instudio Recordings"

Instudio Recordings · The Frenchies & Numa Lesage - Getting Paper (Original Mix)

Instudio Recordings · The Frenchies & Robby Powell - No Sleep (Original Mix)

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